Thursday, July 15, 2010

X Marks the Spot

I AM CASTLESS! I went to see my doctor today, and my cast was removed, stitches were removed and a soft ace bandage was set in place. My stitches were two small xs on the top and outside of my wrist. Now I feel like a pirate map, I guess it goes well with my cyclops scar. They can be friends.

Today my dad and I were all over the place! We had multiple errands to run which included a trip to Frankford, my first neighborhood. We went to my favourite pizza place in the world: Leandro's pizza! It tasted the same as I always remembered! I had my regular sausage and topped it off with a tasty Mello Yello.

We also had to stop by Jomar and Ross in search of college stuff for Lars. We did find her some sheets, but I got a sweet pair of Keds on super sale in orange and pink. Very sherbet-esq. And since with Lars' laptop comes an iPod touch, I get her old one, which means I also got a case! Just a simple wraparound blue one by Belkin. I dig it.

Yesterday when I was cleaning, I came across some of my Nanny's jewelry she left us, and I noticed a very elegant and delicate ring in the mixture of pin backs and odd earrings. I think it is way to beautiful to be in a drawer somewhere, so it is on my finger. So now I wear two of her rings, one on each hand. I miss her too much not to carry her with me.

As an added plus, I got to talk with Laura while waiting in the doctors office. We just talked and it was really sweet and fun. I got her laughing over my favourite part of Despicable Me { Click it! It's hilarious! }. I guess you could say I miss her, but only for the laughs.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summah time!

So I realized that I never seem to update this thing. Huh.

Today my life seemed so booooring. My wrist has been killing me and I needed to get out of the house. Thus I went on up to the good ol' library and got out all the Meg Cabot Princess Diaries books they had. I have never finished the series and now I have the chance! They make me feel like a princess! When Sheri used to live in America, she gave me a Meg Cabot book called Princess Lessons, and it is all about how to be a princess! It comes in handy all the time. I was the only one at my table for Prom who knew when to use which utensil.

On my way home I thought I would stop by CVS and get some gum. Last week I finished off a pack and I needed more of my favourite snack. In the end I came out with a Teen Vogue, Vogue, two bottles of nail polish and gum. I am super excited to read my first Vogue. After watching The September Issue, a documentary on Vogue's September issue, the year's largest edition, it really sparked my interest in fashion. I also watched Valentino: The Last Emperor, another fashion documentary, which I fell in love with. I know it is all too expensive, but I can at least enjoy the industry.

Monday, September 28, 2009

School. It's taking over my life. Well, I knew it would, but even more so than before. But partially it's my fault for not being up to date and being the queen of procrastination. Humph. I have a AP Euro project I'm working on and a English II* paper that has yet to begin. Both due tomorrow.

Aside from the huge workload, I have Choir Club on mondays, Drama Club on tuesdays, Drama Practice on wednesday and a Swim meeting on thursday. I don't know what to do! I have two clubs and two sports. I hope I can still pull off swimming. I really love it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well I Haven't Posted in a While

I just got back yesterday from a week and a half in the glorious state of Maine! And within the twenty-four hours of being back, I have fixed my new bed up (it's a loft bed!), unpack everything, rotate my clothes for the change of seasons and haven't eaten much. Since we've been gone for about two weeks, we have no food except condiments here. I had a juice pouch for breakfast and am currently munching on tortilla chips and salsa for lunch. TASTY.

I highly recommend that all of you who have not seen Julie & Julia go see it now. It was an astounding book and an even better movie. It made me think hard and realize things I hadn't realized before.

I got my schedule for my Sophomore year last week! I still can't believe that I'm a Sophomore! But I have an awesome roster with only two bad teachers!
Here we goes:
  1. Italian 1 with Ms. Walker (She's supposed to be tough, but a great teacher.)
  2. English II Honors with Ms. MacArthur (She's so creepy. And apparently she sucks.)
  3. European History AP with Mr. Hung (The best. He's replacing the VERY best though)
  4. PE/Health with Ms. StClair (Better than her brother!) AFRO with Mr. Jackson (good one)
  5. Chemistry with Mr. Patton (He's as good as it gets!! The best teacher for Chem)
  6. LUNCH! 6th lunch is the best lunch of the day! I had it last year!
  7. Geometry with Ms. Weatherly (Terrible. She's supposedly the worst)
The best news of all is that I got bumped up an Advisory!!! I'm no longer in Hell!!!!!!!!!

That's all for now! Toodles.

Monday, August 10, 2009

______ Will Be Accepting the Injury of the Month Award

So. We have this door in our kitchen that leads out to a back room that has gardening jazz in it. I opened the door and it hit my big toe causing the nail to pop off. Then it began to bleed like crazy. Right now we have dunked my foot in ice water, taken 800mg of ibuprofen and now it's throbbing. All I want to know is why is it always me that gets hurt?

Sunday, July 26, 2009


At Camp Discovery, all is awesome. We're {staff} all chilling out in the Lodge, where we sleep chatting, snacking and nothing in particular. It's the best. We had a pretty nasty lightning storm where all the kids would scream while we watch the camp theme movie, Kung Fu Panda. For dinner was the traditional sunday night Thanksgiving Dinner! Turkey, stuffing, potatoes and everything. We don't go hungry here.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Potter, Potter, Potter, Potter, Potter, Potter, Potter, Potter, Potter, Potter, Potter, Potter, Mushroom, Mushroom!

I have an awesome "twin" who scored us some pre-premiere tickets of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I am so excited!! We leave in about two hours and the movie starts at midnight!! I've been rereading the book since Saturday and I've got about 200 pages to go. I'm currently planning on finishing it while we wait in line for 2+ hours. But she says that there is a Ben & Jerry's near there so we're gonna get ice cream and wait amongst the common folk of us Potter Heads. I hope I stay awake!!