Thursday, July 15, 2010

X Marks the Spot

I AM CASTLESS! I went to see my doctor today, and my cast was removed, stitches were removed and a soft ace bandage was set in place. My stitches were two small xs on the top and outside of my wrist. Now I feel like a pirate map, I guess it goes well with my cyclops scar. They can be friends.

Today my dad and I were all over the place! We had multiple errands to run which included a trip to Frankford, my first neighborhood. We went to my favourite pizza place in the world: Leandro's pizza! It tasted the same as I always remembered! I had my regular sausage and topped it off with a tasty Mello Yello.

We also had to stop by Jomar and Ross in search of college stuff for Lars. We did find her some sheets, but I got a sweet pair of Keds on super sale in orange and pink. Very sherbet-esq. And since with Lars' laptop comes an iPod touch, I get her old one, which means I also got a case! Just a simple wraparound blue one by Belkin. I dig it.

Yesterday when I was cleaning, I came across some of my Nanny's jewelry she left us, and I noticed a very elegant and delicate ring in the mixture of pin backs and odd earrings. I think it is way to beautiful to be in a drawer somewhere, so it is on my finger. So now I wear two of her rings, one on each hand. I miss her too much not to carry her with me.

As an added plus, I got to talk with Laura while waiting in the doctors office. We just talked and it was really sweet and fun. I got her laughing over my favourite part of Despicable Me { Click it! It's hilarious! }. I guess you could say I miss her, but only for the laughs.

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